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THE DRUMMER By Kote Kalandadze

By Kote Kalandadze


Work in Progress Market 2018



english titlE

The Drummer




production country


co-production country


Running time of the submitted Copy

63 min

Estimated running time of the film

105 min



first work



Georgian / English



color / B&W


brief synopsis

Niko is a drummer in an underground band in Tbilisi. He lives with his catatonic grandfather and makes ends meet by working in a foam factory with friend Temo. Niko longs for opportunity to express himself as an artist, but the frontman of his band is constantly annoyed by his individualism. At a house party, he meets Kogo - a charismatic drug dealer. As the two form an unlikely friendship, Niko falls under Kogo's influence, leaves his band, loses his job and begins working as a drug courier.

Kote Kalandadze

Kote Kalandadze


Kote Kalandadze (Georgian)


Director of Filmography & Scriptwriter:

2018 "Grey Skies", Feature Narrative, Drama (Won GNFC 2018 development grant)
2017 “Coming Home” Short Fiction, Drama (Post-production)

2016 “Better Than Dog” Short Music Documentary 2012 „Teen Spirit“ Feature Film, Drama


2017 “Hostages”
2012 “Teen Spirit”
2006 “Khorumi”
1997 “The Migration of the Angel”

Sound Post Production:

2017 Short Documentary “Gogita’s New Life” 2013 Feature film “Mr. Dzidza”
2011 Feature film “Guli +


Kote Kalandadze

film editor

Nodar Nozadze


Wasil Dolidze

music by

Gogi Dzodzuashvili

production designer

Polina Rudchik

sound designer

Nikoloz Buzaladze

costume designer

Nino Zautashvili


Niko (The Drummer) - Lasha Tskvitinidze 2014 Temo - Writer, Director
2014 I AM BESO - Writer, Director
2012 Teen Spirit (K. Kalandadze) - Actor 2009 Tranking Connections - Writer, Director

Lasha Tskvitinidze (born 1988) can easily be named as one of Georgia’s most daring young directors. Having completed the Waldorf School in Tbilisi where he began to play drums, Lasha went on to pursue a degree in film. Lasha’s debut feature “I AM BESO” premiered at Sarajevo in 2014. His acting experience includes Kote Kalandadze’s experimental feature “Teen Spirit”.

Sasha (Niko’s Girlfriend) - Nata Sopromadze 2017 Negative Numbers (U. Beria)
2014 Ferris Wheel (U. Beria)
2014 Brother (T. Mgvdeladze)

2013 Doctor (G.Todria)

Nata Sopromadze (born 1981) is a young Georgian photographer, actress and video artist best known as founder of online media platform “Beat” and member of a female-lead documentary photo agency “ERROR Images”.

Alex (The Frontman) - Nika Gordeziani 2016 Fishing (T. Bziava)
2016 Symphony of the Truth (G. Kadagidze) 2015 Between the Lines (L. Daushvili)

2014 The President (M. Makhmalbaf)

Nika Gordeziani (born 1994) is a professional Georgian Actor, graduate of the Shota Rustaveli Georgian State Theater and Film University and American Academy of Dramatic Arts. Nika began his career at the age of 14 with leads in Theater and Film. In 2015 Nika founded his own creative agency IDEAFIX.

Kogo (The Drug Dealer) - Gogi Dzodzuashvili 1994 Fly Alone (N. Machaidze) - Composer 2006 Zhara (R. Gigineishvili) - Composer

Gogi (Giorgi) Dzodzuashvili (born 1971) is a Georgian electronic musician and composer. He is best known as frontman of “Mother on Mondays” and multimedia collective “Goslab”. He composes music for plays (Death of a Salesman, King Lear) as well as films. In 2004, Gogi started a solo project "Post Industrial Boys" and released 2 albums on "Max Ernst" record label.

production company

Parachute Films

Has the film received financing or prizes consisting of production assistance?


If yes, please list

Georgian National Film Center 2017 Debut Feature Production Grant - € 84,106.04

Tbilisi City Hall Production Support - € 7,000.00

Le Khaindrao Studio In-kind Support - € 32,285.72

total film budget

494,876.- EUR

financing plan

Georgian National Film Center € 84,106.04 (confirmed), Parachute Films Investment € 109,285.00 (confirmed), Parachute Films Deferrals € 70,514.29 (confirmed), Tbilisi City Hall € 7,000.00 (confirmed), Le Khaindrao Studio € 32,285.72 (confirmed). Seeking for € 191,685.38 The project is currently selected for C2C Works in Progress Regional Maret in Yerevan, Armenia.

assets needed to complete the budget

191,685.- EUR

Presenting Editing status of the film

First Assembly

What is still needed to complete the film

Re-shoots of missing scenes (5 days, Georgia), Animation, Final Edit, Full Picture and Sound Post Production, Music, DCP.

Funds of Awards received

1st place winner of GNFC 2017 debut feature production grant - € 84,106.04


Paul Thiltges Distributions (In early negotiations)


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