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By Slobodan Šijan


Co-Production Market 2018


Budi Bog s nama

english titlE

The Great Tram Robbery





Slobodan Šijan


Slobodan Šijan is a film director, visual artist and writer. Slobodan Šijan is widely regarded as one of the greatest Serbian and Yugoslavian film auteurs of all times. In 2016, film WHO’S SINGING OVER THERE? was declared the best Serbian film of 20th century by Yugoslav Cinematheque.


He was the first film auteur in Balkans and the first one in the world to go to jail for it.


THE GREAT TRAM ROBBERY is a story about the golden age of the roaring 1920s, the age of Dadaism, Futurism and Zenitism; the age of ragtime, jazz and Charleston; the age of automobiles, aero planes and sexual revolution. A story about generation that has survived the horrors of the WWI, but also generation of French-educated free-minded intellectuals who tried to bring the spirit of the avant-garde to their homeland.

Director BOŠKO TOKIN, was an avant-garde poet, visual artist and the first cinephile in Balkans. In 1923. he gathers a group of idealistic young artists in an attempt to make the first avant-garde film in the Balkans. It was a project of such importance and artistic value that it required the combined efforts of the entire cultural elite of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia to be put together – from Nobel Prize Winner to Communist leader. However, at the end of the shooting, the film mysteriously disappears.

Twenty-five years later, Boško Tokin is imprisoned by the new communist authorities. During a very strange interrogation, he discovers why the film was deliberately lost, how it was saved, and how it covertly inspired and propelled the Russian and world avant-garde.

directors statement

The destiny of Boško Tokin, a eternal optimist, a charmer and a film enthusiast, and the discrepancy between his upbeat character and his life path, as well as his decisiveness not to accept the reality, opens up an opportunity for an intriguing story. It is a film about optimism and fancy as the only resources one could rely on in order to well defy the Balkan darkness. A cheerful, lascivious and avant-garde Belgrade of the “roaring twenties” is a setting for a story about the generation which, amidst the first mass destruction in the Great War, found its solace in fun, film and sex. The story would be a fast-paced comedy, created by the means of witty dialogues and gripping characters who present the era in a way which diverges from all the established patriarchal clichés. It shows a developing, dynamic city, open to modern trends.

production company profile

Gargantua Films is a Serbian company, which has produced some of the most successful and renowned films in the region of ex-Yugoslavia in the last 10 years. We produced regional super hits also highly critically acclaimed, darkly humorous LITTLE BUDDHO and the first Serbian martial-art film THE SAMURAI IN AUTUMN (World Sales: WIDE), as well as an award-winning docu-drama GINGER: MORE THAN A GAME.

producers bio

Head of production for major film houses Cobra Film and Blue Pen (TEARS FOR SALE copr/w EuropaCorp, Toronto IFF) 2001-2007. He founded Gargantua Films in 2007 and produced blockbusters LITTLE BUDDHO, THE SAMURAI IN AUTUMN and GINGER: MORE THAN A GAME. Board Member of Film Producers Association Serbia. Represented Serbia at EFAD Plenary Session in Tallinn. Attending EAVE 2018 (CNC scholarship).


• Who's Singin' Over There?
• The Marathon Family
• How I Was Systematically Destroyed by an Idiot • Strangler Vs. Strangler
• The Secret of Monastery Brandy
• (TV film) Poor Little Hamsters
• Serbia (TV film) SOS, Save Our Souls

• BEST SERBIAN FILM. "Who's Singing Over There" got most of the votes in a poll organized by the Yugoslav Cinematheque in Belgrade, 2016. for the list of 100 Best Serbian Films. Two more Šijan's films were among the ten best films on the same list: "The Marathon Family" and "Strangler vs. Strangler"
• ALEKSANDAR LIFKA AWARD, EUROPEAN FILM FESTIVAL PALIĆ, 2016, Vojvodina, Serbia, for outstanding contribution to the European film.
• BEST FILM MADE IN FORMER YUGOSLAVIA - In 1999, in a poll organized by the leading Sarajevo newspaper “Slobodna Bosna”, Sijan`s film “Who’s Singing Over There” was voted by film critics and film directors from all of the former Yugoslavia’s republics as the “Best film made in former Yugoslavia”.
• 10 BEST YUGOSLAV FILMS OF ALL TIME - During “Millennium Cinemania” Film Festival in Belgrade, “Who’s Singing Over There” was voted # 1. on the 10 Best list of all Yugoslav films ever made. Among 10 Best Yugoslav films, there were two more Sijan`s films: “The Marathon Family” and “Strangler vs. Strangler”. More than 4000 people voted, domestic and foreign film critics included.
• BEST YUGOSLAV FILM EVER - In 1996, on the occasion of the centennial of cinema in Yugoslavia, Sijan’s film “Who’s Singing Over There” was voted by the members of The Yugoslav Academy of Film Arts and Sciences as the best Yugoslav film ever.
• 1987 - TEN BEST FILMS OF 1986, "The Marathon Family" was THIRD on a 10 Best Films of the year List in "Los Angeles Reader".
• 1985 - BEST ACTOR, to actor Nicola Simic, for “Strangler vs. Strangler” International Film Festival of Madrid, Spain.
• 1985 - TEN BEST FILMS OF 1984 - "Who's Singing Over There" was on 10 Best lists of "LA Herald Examiner", "LA Weekly", "LA Reader", "Film Comment" and "The Argonaut".
• RETROSPECTIVE of Sijan`s films organized in Paris (1984).
• CITIZEN OF HONOR - In 1984 Slobodan Sijan was named a citizen of honor of the city of Montpelier, France, (one of the oldest university towns in Europe) during the "Festival of the Mediterranean Cinema", where a RETROSPECTIVE of his films was organized (Together with Sergio Leone).
• FULBRIGHT GRANT for studies of Low Budget Film Production in the US (1984/85).
• 1984 - YUGOSLAV FILM CRITIC'S AWARD to “Strangler vs. Strangler”, Festival of Yugoslavian Films, Pula, Yugoslavia
• 1983 - BEST SCREENPLAY ADAPTATION OF A WORK OF LITERATURE to “How I Was Systematically Destroyed By Idiots” The Festival of Screenwriting, Vrnjci Spa, Yugoslavia.
• 1982 - PRIX DE LA FONDATION PHILIP MORRIS POUR LE CINEMA to "Who's Singing Over There" France.
• 1982 - PRIX GEORGES SADOUL to "Who's Singing Over There" for the best first foreign film shown in France
• 1982 - GRAND PRIX, SALAMANCA FILM FESTIVAL to "Who's Singing Over There" Salamanca, Spain
• 1982 - TEN BEST FILMS OF 1981 IN FRANCE - "Who's Singing Over There" was on 10 Best list of films shown in France in 1981 in the French film magazine "Cinema".
• 1982 - PRIX DU JURY, MONTREAL (Jury Award),to “The Marathon Family” ,World Film Festival, Montreal, Canada
• 1982 - "BELGRADE FILM'S" BIG SCREEN AWARD for direction of a 1982 Top Box-office hit: "The Marathon Family"
• 1981 - AUDIENCE AWARD, International Film Festival Rotterdam, Netherlands.
• 1981 - PRIX SPECIAL DU JURY (Special Jury Award), to "Who's Singing Over There", World Film Festival, Montreal, Canada
• 1981 - MENTION OF THE ECUMENICAL JURY, World Film Festival, Montreal, Canada, for "Who's Singing Over There”
• 1981 - CHARLIE CHAPLIN AWARD (PRIX SPECIAL DU JURY ), to "Who's Singing Over There", "1st Festival of Film Comedy", Vevey, Switzerland
• 1980 -THE OCTOBER AWARD OF THE CITY OF BELGRADE, for best achievement in the field of Arts and Sciences in a year 1980 for direction of a feature film "Who's Singing
Over There".
• 1980 - GREAT BRONZE ARENA AWARD, to "Who's Singing Over There". Festival of Yugoslavian Film at Pula, Yugoslavia.
• 1980 - GOLDEN WREATH FOR BEST FIRST FILM, to "Who's Singing Over There". Festival of Yugoslavian Film at Pula, Yugoslavia.


• Ginger: More Than a Game • Little Buddho
• The Samurai in Autumn

Festivals and awards:
Film Ginger: more than a game was screened at more than 30 Festivals.
• Palermo International Sport Film Festival (Italy) / Best direction and Best foreign production feature 2012
• Golden Knight International Film Festival (Russia)/ Silver Knight 2013
• Abuja (Nigeria)/ Best film 2013
• Sports movies & TV – Milano International Ficts Fest (Italy)/ Mention D’Honour 2014
• Sports movies & TV – Milano International Ficts Fest (Italy)/ Special awards FC International for film 2014
• Baku Film Festival (Azerbaijan) Grand Prix 2014
• Atlant Film Festival (Russia) 2014 Best film
• Izmir Film Festival (Turkey) 2013

• International Film Festival Plovdiv (Bulgaria) 2013 • Skopje Film Festival (FYM) 2013
• Vukovar Film Festival (Croatia) 2013
• Beijing Sports Film Week (China) 2014

• Hanoi International Film Festival 2013 (Vietnam) • Toronto Serbian Film Festival 2012
• Australia Serbian Film Festival 2012
• Vancouver Serbian Film Festival 2012

• SOFEST – Film Festival Sopot (Serbia) 2012 • Nis Film Festival of Actors (Serbia) 2012
• Serbian Screenplay Festival (Serbia) 2012 Little Buddho

• Serbian Film Screenplay Festival Vrnjacka Banja 2015 (Serbia)/ 3rd Prize
• Balkan New Film Festival, Stockholm 2015 (Scandinavian countries) / Audience Award
• Kosovo and Metohija International Film Festival 2015 (Serbia) / Audience Award
• Kustendorf – International Film and Music Festival 2014 (Serbia)
• Raindance Film Festival, London 2015 (Great Britain)
• Comedy Cluj International Film Festival 2015 (Romania)
• Belgrade International Film Festival FEST 2015 (Serbia)
• Valetta Film Festival 2017
• SOFEST – Film Festival 2015 (Serbia)
• Nis Film Festival of Actors (Serbia) 2015
• Cinema City FF (Serbia) 2015
The Samurai Autumn
• SOFEST Film Festival Sopot 2017 (Serbia) / Grand Prix for the Best Serbian Film
• Kosovo and Metohija International Film Festival 2016 (Serbia) / Audience Award
• Serbian Film Screenplay Festival Vrnjacka Banja 2017 (Serbia)/ 3rd Prize Selection:
• FilmFestival Cottbus 2017 (Germany)
• Minsk International Film Festival “Listapad” (Belarus) 2017
• Cairo International Film Festival (Egypt) 2017
• Belgrade International Film Festival FEST 2017 (Serbia)
• Nis Film Festival of Actors (Serbia) 2017
• Cinema City FF (Serbia) 2017

project type

Feature Film

shooting format



100 min

color / B&W


based on

True events




Serbia, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Slovenia


815.490.- Euro

finance in place

517.000.- Euro

production company

Gargantua Films


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