By Vardan Tozija


Co-Production Market 2018




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Vardan Tozija


Born in Skopje (1981). Graduated at the Faculty of Drama Arts in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia, Film and TV directing. He also attended law studies and political science studies at the State University of Cyril and Methodius. Speaks English, Serbian and Croatian.


Once left without his protective father, a young boy embarks on a quest for answers in a dangerous, dystopian world.


Marko lives with his stern, paranoid Father, deep inside a vast forest: All outside is evil;You must never leave our magical forest. Marko obeys father’s rules without questioning. Nevertheless, an M-shaped mark on his hand, sometimes makes him wonder. The Father bares a strange illness that slowly consumes his sanity.

Soon, Marko stumbles upon Momo, a lost boy with Down Syndrome. So, they’re not alone? Once the Father detects the intruder, Marko barely prevents the execution. But when Momo is attacked by the vicious apparitions, the Father rescues him and dies doing it. The boys wander through the forest, until some unknown men put an end to Momo’s life.

Marko encounters a world shattered in ruins and entangled in silence. Grotesque hordes of infected roam the roads of sorrow. The rage of the ones pushed beyond all limits, metastasized into a virus, which eventually got to everyone.
In an abandoned town, Marko is saved from the infected by a unit of desperate soldiers. Just before the execution, the M-mark on his hand makes them decline. He’s one of the few born immune once the outbreak emerged. Those few would rebuild our world, without repeating the mistakes of the past.

directors statement

Until his last days, my father used to tell me how we all have impact on the world around us, and how films should also bare ideas of making it a better place.
I was a fan of fantasy novels since my childhood. That was the initial impulse to put this coming of age fantasy drama set in a post-apocalyptic, dystopian world of the near future.

The story threads intertwine between Marko’s fantasies and the grim reality that surrounds him. This Little Prince cannot comprehend the terror that lies beneath his “magic forest”. But we can-through the eyes of his ruthless and paranoid Father.

M is fairytale about the boys quest for meaning, in a derelict world-not a place of horror and gore, but a testimony of infinite sorrow.
The premise is that the pain of the society outcasts, such as the fugitives scattered throughout the world, could metastasize into a virus of rage: a metaphor of what I fear our world is heading at the moment–through the humiliation of the ones pushed beyond all limits.

production company profile

The name of the company connects to the magic of the film as a medium and refers to the magic of bringing ideas to life.
Main mission is to discover, develop and motivate young and talented authors to tell their relevant stories, whatever the length, genre or type, be it individually human or politically social.

producers bio

Born in Skopje on 01.01.1979. Speaks English, Serbian and Croatian. Graduated producer (Faculty of Drama Arts in Skopje), currently on MA studies - Communication & Media.
An EAVE 2011 Graduate and owner of Focus Pocus Film.
Works as an assistant professor at the Creative Producing department at FIOFA Film Institute -
Ohrid Film Academy.


Director and Screenwriter:
- “AMOK” - feature film, (2016) -
IFF Chigago/IFF Kitzbuhel/IFF Braunschweig/IFF PriFilm/IFF Gotenborg/IFF Guadeljara/ IFF Durban, etc.
- “THERE IS A MAN WITH A STRANGE HABIT ...” - short feature film, (2011) - IFF Valladolid, IFF Luxor, IFF Motovun, IFF Cairo, etc.

- “THE DECISION” - short feature educational film, (2010)

- “THE WHISTLER” - short feature film, part from a long feature omnibus by “D

SKOPJE” (working title), (2010)

- “O N E” - short feature film, (2009)

- “KOKINO OBSERVATORY” - middle length documentary, (in progress), (2009)

- “EXCEPTION” - short feature film, (2007)

- “HOME...?” - middle-length documentary, (2005)

- “NORTHERN FLIGHT” - short feature film, (2004)

- “BOBBY” - short creative documentary, (2003)

- “Waiting for GODOT” - short feature film (international co-production) (2003)

- “IN TREATMENT” - HBO franchise feature series (37 episodes), (2017)

- “INSIDER” - TV show (8 episodes), 2017
- “5+” - children’s TV show (6 episodes), 2016
- “PRESPAV” - TV sitcom (16 episodes), 2016
- “MACEDONIAN HISTORY”, 10 middle length documentaries, (2011)

- “RIGHT TO BE DIFFERENT” - TV documentary the Exodus of the Aegean Macedonians,(2004)


Year of the Monkey (by Vladimir Blazevski), 2018 IFF Moscow, IFF Shanghai

Punks Not Dead (by Vladimir Blazevski), 2011
IFF Karlovy Vary, IFF, Cottbus, IFF Motovun, IFF Raindance, IFF PriFilm, IFF Sofia, IFF Chicago Music & Dance, IFF San Sebastian, IFF Gijon, etc.

project type

Feature Film

shooting format



100 min

color / B&W


based on

Original script


Macedonian, English, Croatian, Bulgarian or Serbian


Macedonia, Bulgaria


616.014.- Euro

finance in place

351.782.- Euro

production company

Focus Pocus Films


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