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Co-Production Market 2018



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Igor Ivanov


Igor Ivanov was born in Skopje in 1973. His films were screened and awarded at some of the most important international film festivals. He has directed short films, TV series, documentaries, and two feature films. For his short film BUGS (2004) he won Golden Leopard at 59 Locarno IFF.


HOMO, in its essence, is about the re-examining the primary human values. "Homo" are all of us, the people today, now and here, it is our stamp, our mark in time.


HOMO is composed of six intertwining stories, each with a title according to its protagonist, borrowed from the terminology of philosophic anthropology. Homo Faber is a story about VICTOR who accepts to be a grave digger only not to lose his health insurance. His life changes on the first working day. The late billionaire leaves all his riches to the youngest grave-digger at his grave. Homo Adorans is about the widow PETRA, who plays out the greedy priest HRISTO. Her donation for the Church means only a transfer of huge debts. Homo Ludens is a story about PAOLA the gambling addict. Her husband desperately tries to get her back to therapy, but that way loses her forever. The comedian SOCRATES in a stand-up act ridicules a local power player. Then his life turns into a nightmare. That's Homo Ridens. Homo Economicus follows KETI, a prostitute who needs money to keep her home. When all seems hopeless, a customer pays her generously for just a hug. That's Homo Amans GOGI, a boy with Down's Syndrome. He founds out that he just lost his father whom he never met, the billionaire from the first story. He inherits only the framed death photograph of his father. He hugs it from all his heart.

directors statement

HOMO happens here and now. In between the post-socialistic environment and the Styrofoam baroque, under which cracks Ottoman inheritance peeks. Through the traffic mess and chaos, among the lines in front of clerks that don't move, through the destroyed value system and corruption. The specifics that differ us from animals are here embodied as movie characters. Imagine a Homo Faber in a society in which it is easier to find a diamond in the street than a job. Or Homo Ludens, in a city where only the casino is a public place for games. Or Homo Adorans, where fat priests in black limos preach about ascetics. Or Homo Economicus, where only prostitutes can honestly earn their bread. This film, painting our society, brings in question the basic marks of Homo Sapiens. Seemingly, every one of these characters gravitates towards its own archetype, but in the conflict with the society, they lose their primary human characteristics.

production company profile

SKOPJE FILM STUDIO was founded in 2004, and has already produced a variety of shorts, documentaries and feature films shown at festivals worldwide. Its portfolio includes titles by established authors, but also works by young talents. It is a co-production oriented company that has established long‐lasting professional relations with film authors, producers and funds from the region and Europe.

producers bio

Tomi Salkovski was born in 1971 in Skopje. In 1999, he founded his first production company that produced numerous commercial and documentary projects. In the period from 2000 to 2008, he was director of the International Cinematographers Film Festival “Manaki Brothers”. He is a founder of the production company Skopje Film Studio where he presently works.


2018 COBRA (Documentary; 50min)
2013 THE PIANO ROOM (103min) HD (feature)
(50. Chicago IFF)
2007 UPSIDE DOWN (105min) 35mm (feature)
(42. Karlovy Vary IFF)
2004 BUGS (15min) 35mm
(54. Berlinale, Short Film Competition 59. Locarno IFF, Golden Leopard)


2018 COBRA, documentary film directed by Igor Ivanov (21. Skopje Film Festival)
2018 WOULD YOU LOOK AT HER, short film directed by Goran Stolevski (34. Sundance Film Festival – Short Film Jury Award: International Fiction; 40. Clermont‐Ferrand Film Festival – International Competition...)
2017 REQUIEM FOR MRS J directed by Bojan Vuletic (67. Berlinale ‐ Panorama, FEST Belgrade 2017‐Serbian Film, Sofia IFF 2017 ‐ Official Competition...);
FROG directed by Elmir Jukic (23. Sarajevo IFF – Open Air ‐ BH Film, 38. ICFF Manaki Brothers – Bronze Camera 300...)
2015 THREE DAYS IN SEPTEMBER directed by Darijan Pejovski (Montreal World Film Festival 2015, First Feature Competition...);
BABAI directed by Visar Morina (Karlovy Vary IFF 2015, Official Competition ‐ Best Director award...)
2013 THE PIANO ROOM directed by Igor Ivanov (Chicago International Film Festival 2014...)

project type

Feature Film

shooting format



90 min

color / B&W


based on

Original script






990.427.- Euro

finance in place

682.927.- Euro

production company

Skopje Film Studio


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