My House in Front of the Forest

By Tamar Shavgulidze



Chemi Sakhli Tkis Piras

english titlE

My House in Front of the Forest





Tamar Shavgulidze


Tamar Shavgulidze graduated in 2002 from the Faculty of Film Directing at the Shota Rustaveli Theatre and Film Georgian State University.


‘My House in Front of the Forest’ revolves around the feelings of two middle- aged women. Time has passed and life has separated them from each other, but old memories of hot summer evenings have stayed with them forever.


Country house near Tbilisi. Summer. A mother (Nana, 55) and her daughter (Irina, 21) are staying at the country house for summer. That day, Nana is expecting her son’s family. Irina goes to the shop to buy products. At that moment, a woman (Irina, 55) comes to Nana; a taxi is waiting for her outside. Their first meeting is so confusing that we don’t understand what they represent for each other. They sit to talk in front of the house. Irina used to spend all her summers at this house with Nana. When Nana and Irina were teenagers they understood that something special was happening between them. Their friends got aware of their love story, and at 18, Irina couldn’t cope with the gossips anymore and left the country, without even saying goodbye to Nana. The women hadn’t seen each other for more than 30 years. Irina came back for Nana. In the ending, Nana’s daughter – young Irina comes back home. Nana introduces the young Irina to the older Irina. In the last scene all three of them are sitting together on a bench in the yard. Will older Irina stay or leave? it looks as if she is connecting the two other women, but her taxi cab is still waiting for her outside.

directors statement

I was thinking about shooting a movie about someone who can experience pain, disillusion, or treason without becoming too dramatic about it. As soon as I had a clear idea of my two protagonists, I found the style of the film. A hand camera with minimal movement. Two persons who haven’t seen each other for a long time, and who love each other, have only one question for themselves “What should I do now?”. It is very difficult to touch or even look the other in the eye in these situations. The awkward physical situation will help us in creating a feeling of expectation, which isn’t that visible in their discussion. But at some point, they loosen up a little bit and manage to look to each other's eyes. After this scene, the camera gradually becomes softer and static. It observes the characters from the side. The rhythm of the editing will be quite peaceful, and the dynamics will be created by the protagonists themselves.

production company profile

‘Nushi Film’ was founded in 2015 by Tekla Machavariani and Aleksandre Shervashidze as a film production company focusing on creative documentary, feature and short fiction films. Since its creation, Nushi Film has taken part in various forums, festivals, workshops and markets with different projects.

producers bio

Executive Producer – Tekla Machavariani was working as an independent producer for different companies until 2015. Since then, she has won grants from the Georgian National Film Center several times and has co-produced the films with different European countries, which travel successfully to the international film festivals.


‘The first day’ 2015 Tbilisi Film Festival
‘Tbilisi, I love you’ (‘Neli’, ‘Irakli and Tina’) 2013 (Cinema release in 2013) ‘Born in Georgia’ – Feature fiction, 2011 (Cinema release in Georgia in 2011 ‘A Message to Georgians’ – Short documentary, 2006
'Hopscotch’ – Short fiction, 2004
‘Trilogy’ – Short fiction (diploma work), 2002
‘Gained from Impression’ – Short fiction, 1999


‘Three Steps’ (19 min) – International Film Festival Rotterdam 2017/ Oberhausen Film Festival 2017/ Kyiv International Short Film Festival 2017 (Jury mention, Audience award) exgroudn filfest Best International Short film award/ interfilm Berlin Special Mention etc. Documentary film ‘Before father Gets Back’ (Georgia/France/Germany) Sheffield DOC/FEST• “Winter Which Wasn’t There’ (10min) 57th Art Exhibition La Biennale di Venezia etc

project type

Feature Film

shooting format



70 min

color / B&W


based on

Original script






90.000.- Euro

finance in place

63.497.- Euro

production company

Nushi Film


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