Co-Production Market

Selected Projects 2018

The following are the selected projects for the Co-Production Market at the Matchmakingforum 2018.

From the Moodboard of POKER

POKER by branko schmidt

The film theme is the struggle of a Croatian war veteran Hunta with his sense of guilt. It has been 25 years since, as a commanding officer, he refused to help save life of a wounded comrade­in­arms Džoker. Only Dinko left to help Džoker. Neither of them returned. Hunta is constantly guilt ridden. Although he knows Dinko is dead, he keeps seeing him in the city, rides with him in a car, talks to him ... Film starts with a prologue and a shocking scene of a male body floating in a swimming pool of a luxurious villa. Who is that? Was he murdered? Or did he commit suicide?

From the Projectbook of THE LAWYER


Discover a story of love between two men: a Lithuanian lawyer and a Syrian refugee stuck in Belgrade, Serbia. The Lawyer unpacks the complex subjects of identity, privilege and the nature of love.

Igor Mirković - Director of BISCHOFSHOFEN

Igor Mirković - Director of BISCHOFSHOFEN

BISCHOFSHOFEN by igor mirković (Croatia)

Bischofshofen je ljubavna priča između nepostojeće žene sa seks oglasa i tajnovitog klijenta Helmuta u Austriji: s njime se dopisuje Zeleni, operater na seks-chatu u Zagrebu, glumeći da je imaginarna Sabine. Kada shvati da se Helmut potpuno zaljubio, shvati da neznancu može uništiti život. 

From the Projectbook of THE GREAT TRAM ROBBERY


He was the first film auteur in Balkans and the first one in the world to go to jail for it.Director BOŠKO TOKIN, was an avant-garde poet, visual artist and the first cinephile in Balkans. In 1923. he gathers a group of idealistic young artists in an attempt to make the first avant-garde film in the Balkans. It was a project of such importance and artistic value that it required the combined efforts of the entire cultural elite of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia to be put together – from Nobel Prize Winner to Communist leader. However, at the end of the shooting, the film mysteriously disappears.

family by Durim Kryeziu (Kosovo)

Lona follows her dream as a singing rock but gets hindered in the family because she has a traditional family. Lona has a lot of difficulty but in the end she finds a good choice in the circumstances created to continue her future...

My House in Front of the Forest by Tamar Shavgulidze (Georgia)

‘My House in Front of the Forest’ revolves around the feelings of two middle- aged women. Time has passed and life has separated them from each other, but old memories of hot summer evenings have stayed with them forever.

homo by igor ivanov (macedonia)

HOMO, in its essence, is about the re-examining the primary human values. "Homo" are all of us, the people today, now and here, it is our stamp, our mark in time.HOMO is composed of six intertwining stories, each with a title according to its protagonist, borrowed from the terminology of philosophic anthropology.

Ivan-Goran Vitez - Director of EXTRACURRICULAR


Talačka kriza koju u lokalnoj osnovnoj školi na kćerkin rođendan izazove ljutiti, svježe rastavljeni otac, počne se kao posljedica skorih lokalnih izbora razvijati u krajnje neočekivanim smjerovima, potpuno zamijenivši uloge svih upletenih.

Lambs In Wolves' Skin by Ivona Juka (Croatia)

Two soldiers and best friends are separated on the battlefield. One friend goes through the wild and behind enemy lines to search for his missing friend - dead or alive.

M by Vardan Tozija (Macedonia)

Once left without his protective father, a young boy embarks on a quest for answers in a dangerous, dystopian world.

Marko lives with his stern, paranoid Father, deep inside a vast forest: All outside is evil;You must never leave our magical forest. Marko obeys father’s rules without questioning. Nevertheless, an M-shaped mark on his hand, sometimes makes him wonder. The Father bares a strange illness that slowly consumes his sanity.

From the Moodboard of RIDERS

riders by Dominik Mencej (Slovenia)

It's 1999 in a small village of Slovenia. Two best friends TOMAŽ (23) and ANTON (23), after watching »Easy Rider«, decide to transform their mopeds into chopper-like vehicles. Tomaž is a dreamer and religious while Anton wants to be an outsider. They embark on a journey where they meet PETER (60), a true biker who has wandered the world and a young documentary filmmaker ANA (22). Anton's girlfriend TINA (19) went to study in Ljubljana and hasn't written him in months. When he meets her, he finds out that she has already forgotten him.


sirin by SENAD ŠAHMANOVIĆ (Montenegro)

The past is a foregin land, the one who leaves and one who comes back are not the some person anymore.

After 20 years abroad, Natalie, a Parisian lawyer, is returning to Montenegro to ensure the fulfillment of the client's will. This unusual case of inheritance slowly turns into an investigation of Natalie's past and herself.



A corrupt mayor of idilic Slovenian town Rovte is connecting with local criminal to put out of race his oponent in the upcoming elections. Everything is going in the wrong directions, after oponent commit suicide. A story about losing moraity, where only criminals are having a moral code


Winter Depression by Tazo Narimanidze (Georgia)

Retreating from life after a tragedy, a young writer, questions the universe by writing short notes for his novel and tries to put his life together.

When Irakli’s, young writer’s, relationship with his wife goes wrong because of life tragedy. he decides to go to village and put his mind together. However, his quiet vacation is disturbed by a young bohemian girl who makes Irakli’s life even more complicated than it was.


Once were humans by Goran Vojnović (Slovenia)

The story about Leo and Vucko is a story about people, who get involved into refugee trafficking involuntarily, out of necessity, because of one of many in a line of coincidences that shape our everyday lives. The plans are here only to fail.

Matchmaking Literature and Film

Selected Projects 2018

The following are the selected projects for the Matchmaking Literature and Film Market at the Matchmakingforum 2018.

Invisible Woman and Other Stories by Slavenka Drakulić

Although aging is a natural process, it is often experienced as shameful, hurtful and lonely. Invisible woman builds a mosaic of experiences, creating a powerful message about oldness.


Outstanding and unflinching documentary novel that follows the events that took place in the course of the three days and nights (between 13 and 16 July 1995) during which eight thousand Bosniaks were killed in the area of Srebrenica.

the children of patras by zoran ferić

A story about the love between a forty year old high-school teacher and an ill seventeen year old schoolgirl. Although provocative it's the story about true love; the kind of “funny” or strange one that transcends boundaries, questions moral laws, constantly mocking the tragic nature of death.

harmattan by ivan sršen

A young Nigerian emigrant Uhunoma, after a couple of years spent strayed across the Old Continent in search of a better life, ends up in a German prison somewhere in Bavaria for not having valid documents for staying in the EU.

the pit by Ivana Bodrožić

A political thriller that boldly engages to unmask a transitional society, deeply saturated with crime and corruption.

Irena Tot’s Experiment by Korana Serdarević

Irena Tot, a Croatian woman in her thirties, decides to change: in the pursuit of herself she quits her job, flirts with same-sex love, tries couch surfing, falls in love, while her looks behave as a litmus paper of her change.

goalkeeper by andrija škare

Thirteen year old boy faces the hardest choice in his life: he stands in front of the football net as the best goalie in the village at the opening of the new school gym, but if he stops the ball consequences will be harsh. What will he do?

CUts and scars by igor štiks

A torn-up family from an anonymous Balkan town eats dinner for the first time in twenty-five years: during courses of meal one unhappy family is dissolved. What are the consequences of somebody’s violent and tragic death, the result of the merciless war?

The Witch of Grich: Secret of the Bloody Bridge by Marija Jurić Zagorka

The first of 7 novels of The Grič Witch series. Murders of noble men which were all found under the Bloody Bridge bring turmoil to the townsfolk.

Adios, Cowboy by Olja Savičević Ivančević

Looking for clues to her brother's death, the heroine meets a series of colorful characters, falls in love and faces the harsh reality of a broken society.

Our Man in Iraq by Robert Perišić

A newspaper editor sends a journalist he trusts into a war. Things go wrong. He tries to fix it, but instead his life falls apart.

Turbofolk by Viktorija Božina

A girl from a small Dalmatian town Benkovac is struggling with harsh economic reality of Croatia and decides to pursue her dreams in USA, discovering her bisexuality on the way.


The body is discovered by the police in a prestigious city quarter, in the villa belonging to a successful lawyer. By examining the events behind the scenes, Pogodba, through juicy language, lively dialogues and unexpected plot twists takes the reader into the very heart of mafia activities.

First Love by Brane Mozetič

When two boys seem to be falling for each other in kindergarten, it is their teacher’s opinion that things have gone far enough.


Our Class is an unusual and fresh young adult novel. The author is a teenage girl who should have probably been bursting with hormones, but she rather spends her time reading, immersing herself in stories and even writing novels about her peers.

spovin by Anja Mugerli

Vmes pa slovenceljstvo. Prikrita in potlačena preteklost. Neprediren molk, ki ga prekine le umetnost. Glasba. In spovin, ki ni več samo igra.

Expiry Date by Gašper Kralj

Some people collect photographs, some people collect coins, I collect the last words.

Map of Other Lives by Miha Mazzini

A literary thriller about a man, who buys not only a stolen iPad but a deadly secret with it.

Work in Progress

Selected Projects 2018

The following are the selected projects for the Work in Progress Market at the Matchmakingforum 2018.